Lezgi people of the Caucasus Region have many interesting and useful proverbs.  They are used by wise people in many situations to communicate morals, pragmatic action, or truth in life (whether good or bad).  Being able to say a proverb in the right situation quickly and clearly is a valued skill among the Lezgi.
In February 2011, a proverbs workshop was held in Baku, Azerbaijan by the linguistic company Üfüq-S.  
There, among members of other Caucasian languages, a Lezgi team explored the characteristics of Lezgi proverbs, learned how to analyze them, and thought about ways to present them to the world.  One of the results was a small video featuring Lezgi proverbs about wisdom and foolishness. 
More than 400 Lezgi proverbs have been collected through books, people, internet, and the Samur newspaper.  Only a few hundred have been fully translated, categorized, and analyzed. 
Solomons Proverbs - Relationships

Суьлейманан меслятар - Авсиятар