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Лезгинская кухня - Исита


Лезгинская кухня - Пчекар


Лезгинская кухня - Исита

Plov with beans
Small white beans are prewashed. Walnuts are ground. After rice is strained, the crust dough is placed at the bottom of the pot. To make the crust, use two eggs, a spoon of yogurt or condensed sour milk, 2-3 spoons of strained rice, turmeric and salt. The crust is fried in boiling butter, and then spread around the sides of the pot. One layer of beans, one layer of walnuts, and one layer of rice are spread. Boiled melted butter is poured over this. The lid is covered with a towel and the pot is put on the iron plate on a low flame to simmer.   Kambar  Kambar is a type of drink made of yogurt, water, cucumbers, green onions, garlic, dill, coriander, salt. It is prepared with Ramsons (a wild onion) which is considered one of the first greens to come out of the snow in early spring. The wild onions are sorted, the heads are removed, washed and strained, and wrapped with a towel to dry. Then it is chopped into small pieces, salted and put inside a jar. The onions become watery and several days later, kambar is ready. It is mixed with yogurt and eaten with bread.   Tsikan
Tsikan is the ancient meal of the Lezgi people. It is known to be filling and a small amount serves many people. One tsikan can feed a whole family because it contains a lot of ingredients. Tsikan is made of ground meat with a lot of fat. Onions and potatoes are cut into pieces and ground walnuts are added. Then dry thyme, salt, and pepper are added to this. Yeast dough is prepared, buttered, and made into balls. After rising, the two dough balls are rolled out flat.  Cooked ground meat is placed on one of the lavashes, it is covered with another one and the sides are fastened. Tsikan can be twofold or threefold, with a layer of dough between each. It is baked in a xerek (traditional oven) or a stove. After it is baked, tsikan is wrapped in a thick tablecloth for 20-25 minutes.   Lezgi bread Lezgi bread resembles the sun, which is related to their mythology. The dough, which is made both with yeast or unleavened is rolled out thickly. Water mixed with egg or buttermilk is spread on the dough before putting it into the xerek (traditional oven). This makes the surface of the bread well toasted. There are more than 20 types of bread with yeast (kyatay) or unleavened (tyili) that characteristic Lezgi people’s cuisine, and all lezgi women can bake these breads. This type of bread doesn’t crumble, doesn’t get moldy for 10-15 days. Lezgi people have these types of bread: khu (the most ancient type of bread), khyul, charfu, gagoats, lavash, bazlamach, sachun fu, akat fu, gulan fu, char avay fu, shtkar, nisi kvay fu, mukash kvay fu, khoakh avay fu, tunut, shirin fu, quzan, aluqa, tsalug, bakluk, cherekun and others.